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Rain? Weird.

May 19, 2019

You know you’ve lived in the Bay Area for awhile when you find it weird to get rain in May. We’ve had rain for four of the last five days (Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and today), and I think the last time we got this much rain late in May might have been the year we moved here. When everyone exclaimed how weird it was to get lots of rain in late May, and we (moving from Atlanta) wondered what the heck they were talking about. But it is unusual; this could very well be the last rain we get until September or October.

The rain today has been a series of showers; every time I think it’s finally stopped and cleared up, another shower seems to roll in. I did manage to sneak my run in during a break, but it started raining again just as I came indoors (I’ll confess to feeling pleased at my timing). And in fact it’s sprinkling again now; clearly we’re still not out of the rain bands.

We did take advantage of the cool, rainy day to do lots of cooking. Kate made chili and soup, and I made carne adovada using Milk Street’s recipe. We’ve made it once before and it’s quite tasty (and makes a ton of food), but it requires over 5 hours of cooking time (granted lots of that time isn’t active; it’s soaking the chiles for 30 minutes, marinating the pork for an hour, cooking for almost four hours, etc.). That makes it perfect for a day when you mainly want to stay indoors and kick back with your oven making your kitchen nice and toasty. Like today.

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