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Traveling lighter

May 26, 2019

I enjoy traveling light. It makes it easier to get on and off flights, and particularly when taking public transit it makes it easier to get around at your origin and / or destination. This week I traveled to NYC for the annual internal Google UXE conference, and I managed to fit everything I needed into my backpack. It allowed me to get to the airport a little bit later (no need to worry about overhead space), navigate AirTrain – NJ Transit – the subway Into the city (I prefer flying into Newark since Google is on the west side; it ends up being both cheaper and faster than sitting through traffic, particularly near rush hour), and get to my hotel.

I got an Evergoods CPL24 backpack last summer after a short work trip up to Seattle last summer, where I realized that I didn’t have a good travel bag for trips that were just a couple of days, but I haven’t had a good opportunity to use it until now (really light travel is easier in warm weather; cool weather clothes are too bulky). For this trip I managed to get 4 days of clothes into the backpack, plus assorted other things (ablutions stuff, chargers, etc.). It was great; the backpack doesn’t get too bulky, it’s easy to stash stuff to be at hand quickly, and it distributes the weight fairly well.

It helped that I was also able to bring my Pixelbook so that I had a laptop / tablet for both work and personal use. I could download / stream movies for watching during my downtime (and keep up with personal email), while also keep up with work email, tweak my talk, etc. The setup isn’t quite perfect yet, since Chrome OS 75 (which will bring USB adb access) isn’t released yet. So developing on the Pixelbook is still problematic. As part of the conference I added a Flutter workshop, and for coding I ended up using Chrome Remote Desktop to connect to the workstation on my desk. A little kludgy, but it ended up working fine. And when 75 releases next month handling coding tasks on the Pixelbook will be much easier.

Overall I’m happy with the setup; I now have a good solution for traveling light on work trips. At least those to warm climates.

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