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As a wee grad student at Carnegie Mellon University, Jeff Pierce worked on 3D interaction and virtual environments, while occasionally sneaking off to intern for Microsoft Research and Walt Disney Imagineering.

But all good things must come to an end, and eventually he was thrust out into the real world, where he made his way for a time as a mendicant friar. Well, ok, not really. Actually he spent time as a professor in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech, where he explored multi-device interaction and tormented students.

Eventually he decided there simply wasn’t enough sport in tormenting students. Plus he missed getting his own hands dirty building things. So one day he wandered off into the sunset, and eventually finding himself in Silicon Valley he accepted a research position at IBM Research – Almaden. While he had fun getting real work done again, he made the fatal mistake of demonstrating leadership potential, so they punished him by promoting him to management. They did lessen his sentence, however, by allowing him to lead an intrepid band of researchers and developers who liked to play with toys, er, explore new mobile and multi-device user experiences.

But after some years Jeff once again wanted to spend more time getting his own hands dirty and to have more impact on user experiences in the real world. So bidding IBM Research a fond farewell, he set off in search of adventure and arrived at Samsung’s UX Innovations Lab. You can currently find him here, happily playing with toys and attempting to create a better world. But mostly playing with toys.

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