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Monet exhibit at the DeYoung

May 12, 2019

This weekend we caught the Monet: The Late Years exhibit at the DeYoung. It includes paintings from the latter part of his career, roughly 1913-1926. While the majority of the paintings are of water lilies (or other flowering plants from his gardens), and they are quite lovely, I found paintings of some of his other subjects more interesting. That might be because his water lily paintings are so well known, but I think it’s also because it’s easier to compare his paintings that are part of a series when the subjects are a little more fixed in space.

In his paintings of the path under his rose arches, you can really contrast the different lighting and colors. The painting on the left feels to me like.a bright sunny day, with its bright colors and warm light. The painting on the right feels like a cloudier day with its cooler and darker colors.

The exhibit only runs through May 27, but it’s worth catching if you have the opportunity.

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