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Trying out Libby

February 24, 2019

I’d meaning to try Libby for awhile, but every time I thought of a book I was interested in reading it seemed like there was a 4 week waiting list for the book (Sunnyvale draw on the Northern California Digital Library, whose collection seems a little hit and miss). Libby is an update on Overdrive, which was thoroughly mediocre as a reading app.

A couple of weeks ago, though, I was perusing the local book store and David Eggers’ Monk of Mokha caught my eye. I decided against getting it then, since I was still reading a different book. When I finished that book, however, I thought to check Libby, and lo and behold they had a copy available. Overall I found Libby a significant improvement over Overdrive as a reading app; it was fast, responsive, made it easy to search and navigate, and offered both light and dark modes (useful when you read both outside in the sun and at night in the dark). I’d definitely use it again, the next time NCDL has a book I’m interested in available – when I finished Monk of Mocha I tried to find something else to read, but they all had four week waiting lists.

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