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Lots of rain, but at least…

February 15, 2019

We’ve been the recipients of a Pineapple Express in the Bay Area this week; with the possible exception of Monday, I think it at least sprinkled every day this past week. And some days we got some pretty serious downpours. We’re out of drought conditions here, so that’s good. But I must confess that I’m getting a little tired of all the rain.

There are some upsides, though. Aside from getting us out of drought (which is always good) and refilling our reservoirs, most days we’ve had a series of showers and rain spells rather than a steady, ongoing rain (although we’ve had some of that too). That’s meant a lot of rainbows. I happened to catch this one while working near a window at Google today, but I’ve seen four or five others on different days over the last couple of weeks.

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