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February 24, 2019

We caught Cirque du Soleil’s Volta show last night. It featured many of their stock elements (Trampolines! Aerialists swinging from lines! BMX riders!), but it was still a fun time. Even their stock elements are a lot of fun, but they had a few interesting twists in this show. The strongman did lifts with his partner while riding a unicycle, which looked crazy hard. And one of the aerialists did her routine suspended by her hair (they ran a line presumably to a ring in it), which just looked like it could be incredibly painful.

The music was also good but kind of generic Cirque; there wasn’t anything particularly memorable about it. My favorite music of the shows we’ve seen recently is still Luzia; its music had a bit of Mexican influence, which to my mind made it stand out more.

Definitely catch the show if you have the chance; it’s good fun.

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