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Leaf blowers are a plague upon humanity

July 23, 2020

I’ve never been a fan of leaf blowers (or, more specifically, gas-powered leaf blowers). They’re noisy, they’re polluting, and they generally just move debris around rather than cleaning it up (many of the people in our neighborhood have yard services, and they generally just seem to blow the debris into neighboring yards or into the street rather than actually clean it up).

But they’re even more irritating now that we’re all stuck working at home. Working outside is one of the few bright spots to our current remote work situation; California weather for the win. But it’s very hard to enjoy working outside with the irritating whine of leaf blowers all around you.

They should be banned as a public nuisance, and people should just pay extra for the additional time yard services needs to (quietly) rake up the debris by hand.

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