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Enough with the calendars

July 22, 2020

Now is apparently the time of year when environmental organizations seeking donations send out calendars. Between organizations that I already support sending me calendars in hopes of securing another donation and organizations that I don’t support sending me one in hopes that I’ll start, I think I’ve gotten five or six calendars in the last month. Here’s a tip for those organizations: stop sending calendars!

First, who the heck still uses a paper calendar? We’ve reach 2020, people. I don’t even remember the last time I used a paper calendar. And even during that long ago time, it was typically completely empty and two or three months off the actual date.

Second, you’re all sending the same thing. It shows a distinct lack of imagination. Try doing something different. Perhaps something that actually requires a little bit of imagination.

Third, you’re environmental organizations. Stop killing trees to send me calendars I don’t want (and even if I did, I would need one – not five). You’re making me less likely to donate, not more.

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