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Changing buying patterns

April 11, 2020

It’s been interesting over the past few weeks of grocery shopping to see how buying patterns have changed. First there was a run on toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels (and it’s still nearly impossible to find them in stores around here), and then it was meats and frozen foods. In the last week or two people have shifted to buying out sugar, flour, and yeast (local stores have been limiting how much yeast each customer can buy, just like they’re limiting toilet paper supplies). CNN today had an interesting article this week talking about how this pattern is occurring across our society in general; apparently next up is hair care equipment and supplies now that we’ve been unable to visit salons and barbershops for weeks.

The NY Times also had an article today looking at how the virus has changed how Americans spend money. Travel spending has gone through the floor, as has spending on fitness and entertaining in general. Spending on groceries, by contrast is up, even after people have slowed their panic buying. Video streaming is also up, and gaming has jumped a lot (Google has opened up Stadia Pro to everyone for free for two months; I’m still playing regularly – I finished Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, and now I’m working my way through Shadow of the Tomb Raider). It’ll be interesting to see if people continue to cook as much at home once we can go to restaurants again, now that they’ve had a chance to practice their cooking skills, or whether they give it up and resume eating out.

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