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My tablet use is through the roof

April 5, 2020

Speaking of tablets, my tablet use has been through the roof while we’ve been stuck sheltering-in-place. Reading the news over breakfast in the morning? Tablet. Take a break from work during the day? Tablet. Relaxing in the evening? Tablet. Since I’m pretty much always at home, my tablet use now substantially outweighs my phone use.

My primary tablet is now several years old, and with the increased use I’ve noticed that its battery doesn’t seem to last nearly as long as it used to. Just a month ago I feel like I’d only have to charge it once a week or so, but now I find myself charging it every other day. Some of that increase is due purely to the increased usage. What I can’t determine is how much is also due to the battery no longer holding its charge as well as it used to. If we end up stuck at home for a substantial period going forward (here in the Bay Area we’ve been ordered to shelter-in-place at least through the beginning of May) I may end up doing a little bit of my part to prop up the retail industry by ordering a new one. Or at least getting the battery replaced.

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