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The Android 10 statue

September 29, 2019

Google released Android 10 at the beginning of the month, and in the spirit of the former naming scheme held a small party with Q-named treats (the quesadillas were probably the highlight; there frankly just aren’t that many great foods whose names start with Q). During the party they unviled the latest statue, which took the form of a giant 10 with the new Android head logo peeking out of the base of the 0.

While the statue is certainly more bland than the previous dessert-themed statues, one nice thing about the change is that the white number provided lots of surface area for us to sign the statue. They had a small bucket of Sharpies handy, and anyone who worked on the platform got a chance to sign. So my signature is now on an Android statue. Of course, it’s an open question if they’re now going to put the statue out in public (where, let’s face it, we’d have people who think they’re funny trying to sign their own names or deface the statue) or keep it in a Googler-only area (it’s currently on the 3rd floor terrace of the new Android building.

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