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Our new building

September 29, 2019

Speaking of the new Android building, we moved! The Android team moved out of the central Googleplex (Building 43) into a brand new building this summer. The real estate team clearly had loads of fun with the design; the building is themed “like a California road trip”, and each floor has a different theme (the first floor with the lobby is themed like a “hip hotel”).

Overall it’s a been a big step up. There are lots of interesting indoor and outdoor spaces to work, the coffee area and cafe (which is themed like a food hall) are very cozy, and the theming is rather fun. And my desk now has a view out to the hills (which is a significant step up over my previous view of a conference room). Speaking of which, we now have plenty of meeting rooms (in 43 it was essentially impossible to ever find a meeting room on short notice).

I’ll post more pictures of the building at some point, but since we’ve finally gotten some more fall-like weather I thought I’d share one of the top-floor terrace.

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