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My aging Tab S2 8.0

May 5, 2019

I have a Tab S2 8.0 that I use nearly every day for reading (I also have a Kindle, but unless I’m reading outside I tend to prefer the tablet because I can do the occasional other task with it, and it’s a lot more responsive if I want to search the book text or refer back to something). The tablet is almost 3 years old now, and the battery is starting to show its age. Sadly there isn’t a good small Android tablet to replace it with; a quick survey of currently available tablets shows that the latest Android OS for any of them appears to be Nougat, which is pretty dang old (for those keeping score at home, Android 10 is dropping this year). And those tablets that are available don’t tend to be premium devices; the display and build qualities tend to be fairly low.

Unless something changes, I may end up replacing it when the battery finally goes with an iPad mini 4. Apple finally updated it this year, so while the physical design didn’t change (those bezels are enormous), at least it’s got an up-to-date processor inside and runs the latest OS (something Apple is better at in general anyway). That wouldn’t be the worst thing, but I do like to support the home team when I can.

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