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And my aging Jetta

May 5, 2019

And as long as I’m talking about aging things, I’m reminded that my Jetta is now roughly 16 years old (I got my smog inspection today, and I was pleased / vaguely surprised it passed with flying colors). Part of the reason it’s survived this long is that I put very little mileage on it these days since I bike to work. For awhile now weekly trips to the local Farmer’s Market have been all that I’ve really done with it. As a result, it’s not too far above 100,000 miles (despite a few years working for IBM Research when I was commuting 40 miles a day with it). It’s definitely starting to get a bit worn, though. The trunk lock broke awhile back and I haven’t had a chance to get it fixed, one of the door locks tends to stick, and the upholstery isn’t as tight as it used to be.

On the bright side, it’s survived long enough that we’re using it to teach our daughter how to drive. I suspect she’s not totally pleased, though, since it’s a manual transmission. She’ll definitely be happy to know how to drive stick once she’s good at it, but she’s not exactly enjoying the learning process a ton. Driving is certainly easier if you don’t have to worry about stalling your vehicle. Luckily the South Bay area is pretty flat, so she doesn’t have to worry too much about starting on hills.

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