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WFH Wardrobe

January 2, 2021

For the first six months of working from home, my work from home uniform was shorts and sandals. Why not? Online meetings only show you from the waist up. The only time I work socks was when I went biking or running.

In the last few months (hard to believe we’re coming up on 10 months of WFH) I’ve had to break out warmer clothes. Way back when I was actually going to an office, I chose clothes that weren’t too warm or too nice, since I commuted by bike (one nice thing about bike commuting in the winter: when it’s in the low 40s on your ride in, you don’t get sweaty if you’re wearing something breathable). But since that’s not an issue now, warm and cozy is the order of the day. My current favorites:

  • I’ve swapped my sandals for slippers. My LL Bean Wicked Good Slippers have lasted for years and still keep my feet super comfy.
  • I bought an LL Bean Chamois shirt a few years ago as a winter layer for use when kicking back at home. For when you want a warm flannel shirt.
  • One more LL Bean shirt: on an early cold day I bought a fleece-lined flannel shirt. So warm, so toasty.
  • At the end of last winter I bought a discounted fleece from Relwen. I only used it a few times then, but I’ve gotten a ton of use out of it this fall and winter.

It’ll be interesting to see if / how office fashion changes once we can actually spend time in offices again.

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