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Heat and smoke

October 4, 2020

The heat wave we’ve been having for the last week or so in the Bay Area finally seems to be breaking, and the cooler air off the ocean is clearing the smoke from the Glass Fire out as well (as least for now). I’m used to cooler weather in September from growing up in upstate NY; it’s just wrong to get a stretch of 90+ degree weather at the end of September and into October. And California’s wine country just can’t seem to catch a break; unless I’ve lost count (entirely possible; we’ve had so many fires this season), the Glass Fire marks the third time they’ve been hit with fires this year.

This week the forecast predicts we’ll cool down throughout the week, ending with a high near 70 on Saturday. I am seriously looking forward to some cooler weather. And there’s even a chance of rain (although not a huge chance), which I think we could all use at this point.

I’m hopeful the cooler weather will help the area finally get a break from the incessant fires, although fire season still isn’t over. It’d be nice to be able to actually close the Purple Air tab I’ve been leaving open in my browser. I think July was the last time I didn’t have Purple Air in a tab on at least one of my devices.

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