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Watching the French countryside

August 30, 2020

The Tour de France, postponed from earlier in the summer, started yesterday. Watching the Tour de France feels like one of the rituals of summer. Since it’s typically shown here early in the morning or at night, it’s something light to watch during breakfast or to have on in the background while doing other things.

In normal times I’d typically have to head off to work before the end of the day’s stage, so I’d rarely get to see who won. But since I no longer have to head off to work, I’m planning to leave it on the background while starting work (when doing so won’t interfere with my daughter’s virtual classes).

The reason I enjoy watching the Tour de France isn’t because I find cycling a particularly interesting sport; I don’t. I watch the Tour de France to see the French countryside and the occasional moments when the broadcast provides colors by showing a nearby castle, chateau, or picturesque town.

Now that we’re mostly stuck at home and unable to travel, watching the Tour provides a lightweight way to experience another place.

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