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Oh, now we can no longer point fingers?

July 15, 2020

Android has taken flak from iOS fans for years around copying features, despite the fact that the copying has gone both ways. But now that the latest iOS release (14) copies Android for pretty much all of its flagship features (widgets, app library vs. app drawer, app clips vs. instant apps, non-full-screen assistant), the iOS crowd now thinks we should move past worrying about who’s copying who and pointing fingers.

There used to be a time and place for pointing fingers and bashing one company for blatantly copying another’s ideas. But now it feels juvenile. Who really cares? “Good artists copy, great artists steal” as the saying goes. Everyone borrows. Everything is inspired by something before it.

Oh, now it’s time to stop. Funny how that happened after iOS’s main new features all seem to be copied from Android. I’m sure that’s a coincidence.

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