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I think that’s week 10

May 24, 2020

It feels at this point like time has lost much of it’s meaning; the days tend to blur together with their similarity. But I’m pretty sure we’re starting week 10 of mandatory sheltering-in-place in the Bay Area. And for those who started working from home when it was optional it’s been even longer.

At this point people finally seem to have gotten enough toilet paper; it’s no longer a surprise when you actually see paper goods (toilet paper, tissues, paper towels) in stores (although the shelves are certainly not full). And the baking aisle is no longer totally ransacked; it’s possible people have baked themselves out (or maybe their just pausing while they catch up on eating their baked goods).

It’s still hard to find at least some cleaning supplies here. We’ve been trying to find liquid soap refills for over a week now, but the stores we’ve checked (Target and our local grocery stores) have consistently sold out. We may cave and order online if we can’t find any in the next week.

After a couple of weeks of looking, I finally found and ordered a recommended model of hair clippers online. I was at the point where I needed a haircut right before the lockdown, and after two more months I was seriously shaggy. My first foray into cutting my own hair actually went fairly well. I didn’t try anything ambitious, and I’d reached the point where most changes would have been an improvement, so I definitely think I came out ahead. Who knows when we’ll actually be able to get cuts from professionals again; the Bay Area is being extremely conservative with re-opening; our county only started allowing curbside pick for non-essential retail a few days ago.

It’ll be interesting to see how much people adhered to social distancing over the long weekend. When my daughter and I went grocery shopping on Saturday there were noticeably fewer people out and about; I’m curious if they actually went out of town or were just sleeping in.

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