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Trying Apple News+

January 26, 2020

Apple bumped their standard one month free trial of Apple News+ up to three months over the holidays, so I finally opted to give it a try. I’d been tempted for awhile; surely it’d be great to be able to read The New Yorker, The Atlantic, National Geographic, and others whenever I felt like it, all through the convenience of my tablet?

But in practice I just haven’t made that much use of the trial. Sure, I skim the article headlines in The New Yorker whenever a new issues comes out, but I actually read very few articles. And the weekly publication schedule feels somewhat relentless. I already have a backlog of books to read; piling new content that keeps inexorably arriving on top seems like it’d make me feel wasteful for spending money on content that I didn’t get around to reading. I subscribe to the New York Times and use that subscription every day (I generally read it over breakfast), but I think I’ll just quietly let my News+ trial expire when my three months are up.

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