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The cost of repairs

January 9, 2019

My front derailleur cable started to fray last week, so this week I took advantage of Google’s on-site bike repair (they have a couple of providers, and I went through The Bike Doctor because I’ve gotten good service from them before).

I’ve only had to get my bike repaired a few times in the 10+ years I’ve owned it (a few frayed cables, replacing my brakes), and every time I’m reminded that one of the many benefits of riding your bike to work is the cost savings versus driving.

In California it costs me rough $40 to fill up my car with gas. An oil change typically costs $60. A tune-up plus associated small repairs? A couple hundred.

Replacing the cable on my bike and getting a general tune-up in the process? $70 and change. And that’ll pretty much keep me for another year or so, if previous patterns hold.

It’s good to bike to work.

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