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Begin the catalog onslaught

November 17, 2018

I can always tell when merchants have decided that the holiday shopping season has begun by the sudden onslaught of shopping catalogs (particularly clothing catalogs). And clearly this week we crossed that threshold; pretty much every day brought one or two (or even more!) catalogs to our mailbox.

In some cases the catalogs are from companies we’ve bought from in the past, so it’s obvious why we’ve gotten them. In many cases, however, they’re from companies we’ve never bought from (and sometimes have never even heard of), and in those cases I amuse myself by trying to guess who they bought our contact information from. Sometimes it’s fairly obvious: I’m looking at you, Runner’s World, for selling our information to the running apparel company. But other times it’s less clear, like when it’s an outdoor apparel company.

While I don’t mind the catalogs too much; as a good Californian I lament the paper used to create them and the fuel used to transport them, but they are sometimes fun to look through. I do, however, mind the companies that feel the need to send me multiple catalogs. If I’ve ignored the previous four catalogs you sent, the odds are pretty good that I’m going to ignore the fifth. There should be a one per company rule: give me your best shot, and if you don’t get a bite move on the next potential customer.

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