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The notch, price, the storage; I’ll wait

September 16, 2018

I split my time between a Pixel and an iPhone so I can keep tabs on both the Android and iOS ecosystems. My current iPhone is the 7 Plus, and I’ve been upgrading every 2 years to keep current. But I think this time I’m going to wait at least another year before upgrading.
Part of my decision is due to the notch. I hate notches on phones with a fiery passion. They’re ugly as hell, and they represent a triumph of marketing over design. You couldn’t actually make the display really go edge-to-edge, but you wanted to say you could, so you decided to stick an unsightly blob at the edge of the display and claim victory. I’ve been deeply disappointed that most of the Android ecosystem followed suit, and I’m really glad that Samsung has (so far) resisted.
Part of my decision is also due to the price. I paid $950 after tax for my 128GB 7 Plus 2 years ago, but now to get an XS with at least as much storage I’d be looking at roughly $1250 after tax. Technological advancements are wonderful, but $300 represents quite the price hike.
And there’s the storage tiers. Apple is implicitly admitting that 64GB at the entry level is insufficient, since the next storage tier is 256GB. For my use, 64GB isn’t quite enough, but 256GB is way more than I need. If the entry model were 128GB I’d only be looking at a roughly $100 increase and I’d be a bit more tempted. But 64GB? No thanks.
Lastly, my 7 Plus still works great, and the XS (seriously Apple, you wanted to one-up Microsoft’s WinCE name by going with Excess?) doesn’t offer anything that’s enough of a step function differentiator (for me) that I really feel the need to upgrade.
So I’ll wait, and hope that technological improvements are sufficient for Apple to do away with the notch next year.

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