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Android Pie statue unveiling

August 12, 2018

This week Google unveiled the Android statue for Pie. It was my first statue unveiling as a Googler, so I figured I’d actually catch it in person (in future years I can act blase and cynical, but c’mon: if you’re working on Android you’ve got to catch at least one, right?) It was both fun and a bit underwhelming; there were a fair number of people, so as a result you couldn’t really see that much.
I found the design of the statue interesting, though. One of the things that’s surprised me at Google is how many tourists swing by and take photos with the latest Android statue. Seriously, this is what want to do on your vacation? Take pictures at a company? Granted, there aren’t many tourist attractions in Silicon Valley, but wouldn’t you rather go up to San Francisco?

Anyway, the statues have arguably gotten progessively more amenable to pictures: they’ve gotten smaller, and they increasingly accomodate groups of people. The Pie status is yet another step in that direction: I’ve already seen people sitting on the pie pieces to the left and right of the statue, which balances the height of the statue and the height of the people nicely, when taking photos. And of course the status is positioned so that pictures are likely to catch the Google logo on building 43 behind it. It’ll be interesting to see if and how the trend continues for the statue for Q.

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