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Kickstarting my gaming nostalgia

July 1, 2018

I really enjoyed role-playing computer games when I was young: Baldur’s Gate, The Bard’s Tale, Planescape Torment, Ultima, Wasteland, etc. I’ve never gotten into the online playing game trend, though; I tend to prefer my computer games solo. So I’ve enjoyed the trend the last few years of using Kickstarter to crowd-fund games that allow those of us who grew with those games to re-experience a bit of our youth (but with much better computers available). I (and so many other people) helped kickstart Pillars of Eternity, and I just finished playing through the sequel. I backed Wasteland 2 (which was fun) and Wasteland 3 (which should be released next year). I backed Torment: Tides of Numenera, since Planescape Torment was an amazing game and I wanted to see what they could with a sequel (although I must confess that I haven’t made the time to play it yet). And I backed Bard’s Tale 4, which should come out this year. It wasn’t kickstarted, but I also enjoyed Obsidian’s Tyranny; it was a refreshing different take on the genre.

One thing that has changed since my youth is the amount of my free time; sadly I can’t dive into games like I used to. I still need to find time to play Tides, and with both Bard’s Tale 4 and Wasteland 3 on the horizon I’ll probably have to take a break from kickstarting new games for awhile. Unless they bring back Quest for Glory or a single-player Ultima; I’d be all over those.

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