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Trying out more minimalist running

June 10, 2018

I got back into running several years ago through Zombies Run (which, if you’ve never tried it, is a great way to make it fun to start getting in shape). After a few years of listening to its episodes every time I went running, I switched to mostly listening to music instead. For the last week and change, though, I’ve been experimenting with listening to nothing at all. No headphones, no phone, just tracking my run with my watch.

I’m not sure if I’ll choose to stick with it (particularly as the weather heats up music can make it easier to keep going, and I’ve been running a bit slower without music to help set a fast pace), but there are some things I like about it. It’s easier to keep track of my breathing, so I can better judge whether to push or ease off. I find that I run a bit lighter too; I notice when my feet are starting to pound the pavement a bit too much and can work to switch to a lighter stride. And it’s obviously easier to pay attention and listen to your surroundings without headphones in. So at least as a short-term shake-up to my running routine it’s been a nice change. Longer-term is an open question.

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