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I occasionally miss cold weather

December 10, 2017

I’ve lived in the Bay Area for over 10 years now. Overall the weather here is great. I can bike to work every day between roughly May and October and not worry about getting rained on. Even in the winter, the “rainy season”, it only really rains occasionally and I can still bike to work most days. And I can keep running year round, nearly always in shorts, although in winter I often have to break out the long sleeves for evening runs.

But I do occasionally miss cold weather. I partly blame all the clothing catalogs that show up in the mail near the holidays. They’re full of sweaters and fleeces that look seriously warm and cozy. Except they’re designed for people who live places where 30 is the high. Here we do occasionally get close to freezing at night, but we’re usually right back up in the sixties during the day (it’s 67 as I write this).

I occasionally miss snow as well. When it’s falling and/or freshly fallen, snowing is beautiful. Of course, after it’s thawed a bit and then refrozen, and then thawed a bit and refrozen, etc.: not quite so much. And when it picks up sand and dirt from the roads, it loses much of its aesthetic appeal. And here we can always drive to Tahoe or other places in the Sierras if we really want snow.

But I do occasionally miss cold weather.

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