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Fast delete would be awesome for Pebble

March 17, 2013

I posted my review of the Pebble watch two weeks ago. In my review I indicated that it would be nice if the Pebble gave you quick way to respond to notifications (“Ok”, “Busy”, etc.). But after a couple more weeks of living with the watch the two actions I really want to be able to take on email notifications are:

  1. Dismiss notification (which we currently have)
  2. Delete email message

Turns out that I get a fair number of email addresses where I can determine right from the watch notification whether I need to actually read the message later or whether I can delete it without looking at it further. Right now the latter case, which is more of my email than I expected, requires acknowledging the notification on the watch and then later deleting the message on my phone. One touch delete from the phone on email message notifications would save me a bunch of follow-up work. Hopefully they’ll include that ability in a future update.

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One Comment
  1. Sander Goossens permalink

    Email notifications come up a lot on my watch, so deleting them would be awesome.

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