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Six weeks into running from zombies

November 29, 2012

I just completed my sixth week of the eight week training course in Zombies, Run! 5K. And I completed the last run of week six in a drizzle because the weather looks rainy through Sunday, I really wanted to close out the week’s training, and the drizzle might be the best weather I got.

So needless to say (but I’m obviously going to say it anyway) I’m a big fan of the app. The story is interesting and the training course surprisingly good (the app creators apparently partnered with Up & Running to create the training program). The story keeps you coming back and I’ve found the training great at building up strength and endurance without overworking you. You know you’re hooked when you decide it’s worth running in the rain (ok, drizzle), something I will admit I have made fun of people for in the past (what kind of idiot runs in the rain when they could just wait for drier weather?).

I will sadly note that getting back into running has made me feel a bit old. When I started running in college I don’t remember as many aches and pains and sore muscles. I’ve occasionally felt more than a bit stiff the day after a session (although luckily running and biking work enough different muscles that I haven’t had trouble biking to work on following days), although by the second day I’m generally recovered and ready for another session. But it’s a small price for the extra exercise, and will presumably be less of an issue once I’m maintaining more than increasing my fitness.

I have learned one other thing from the training program: avoid eating just a salad for lunch on days when I run (I typically run after work). I have a noticeable harder time on 4+ mile courses on days when I haven’t had more protein for lunch. And I’ve observed that before, and yet somehow still managed to eat only salads on my two running days this work week. I am smooth.

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