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Riyria Relevations

November 4, 2012

While I’m on the subject of self-published authors, I should also give a quick shout out to Michael Sullivan. I discovered his Riyria Revelations series (6 books long) largely by accident. I picked up the second book in the series, Avempartha, when it was free on Amazon. I later found the first volume at the local library, and have since worked my way through the series.

Similar to Hugh Howey, Sullivan self-published his series on his own, and it later achieved enough success that Orbit offered him a book deal. The series is now available as a set of 3 books (each containing two of the original books). And Sullivan is apparently also working on a prequel that will appear next year.

While Wool is science fiction, the Riyria Revelations is classic fantasy. It shares a surface similarity to other “buddy stories” fantasy (I’m reminded a bit of Leiber’s Fafrd and the Grey Mouser, the classic warrior + thief series), but it’s very much its own story. Worth checking out if you enjoy the genre.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the mention. I’m glad you have enjoyed the series. Interestingly enough…I’ve never read Fafrd & the Grey Mouser…someday perhaps but only after I’m sure I’ll not write anymore with Royce and Hadrian. I’m a big fan of Hugh’s as well…both from a standpoint of his writing and what he is doing with his publishing career – A cool guy.

    • Jeff permalink

      Don’t (ahem) mention it! Congratulations on the book deal, and best of luck with the prequels. I’m looking forward to reading them.

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