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Triage and Capture: rethinking mobile email

January 29, 2010

Now that the very large technology company I work for has joined the iPhone Developer program I created an external project page to start showing off some of the mobile work we’ve been doing.

A short summary of the project:

Email is a primary application for the latest generation of smartphones, yet many mobile email clients are designed essentially as smaller versions of desktop email clients. Mobile email use, however, differs from desktop email use. While desktop email users may spend significant amounts of time reading and writing messages, mobile email users typically focus on triaging their messages to determine what’s new, what they can delete right away, and what’s important enough to handle immediately. Everything else they defer until they a desktop or laptop with a full keyboard and larger display. We set out to build a mobile email client that would better fit how users actually handle email on mobile devices.

The page has a more detailed description of the project, some images, and a video of the prototype user experience.

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