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Getting WiFi working for Lenovo S10 running Moblin

May 29, 2009

I got WiFi working on my Lenovo S10 running Moblin v2 (the beta) with a little help from the Internet.  The sticking point is the Broadcom driver, which isn’t included in the distribution by default.  The following two posts helped me work the requisite magic:

  1. Glen Gray’s blog has a walkthrough of the necessary steps to build and install an RPM package with the driver. The walkthrough is for the Dell Mini 9, but the s10 requires the same Broadcom driver.
  2. A comment on the Moblin website points to Gray’s instructions and also lays out the necessary commands to restart wireless.

Between those two I was able to get Moblin to allow me to turn wireless on then connect to my home (WPA2) network.

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  1. jim permalink

    Since some update on the broadcom drivers, those steps no longer work.

    I’ll be waiting patiently until someone brings an update

    • Jeff permalink

      I haven’t heard of an update causing problems, but I also haven’t had any reason to attempt to set up Mobile from scratch again. Anyone else running into trouble?

      • jim permalink

        When attempting to rpmbuild the rpm file, I get multiple errors, and it never produces an output in the end.

        Going by Glen’s blog…

        NOTE, 6th August 2009. As of the image 08/02 image refresh, the process is much simplified due to the missing kernel config option being re-added. If there’s any problems with the steps below, the please drop me an email

  2. Jeff permalink

    Although Glen’s comment makes it sound like the process is simpler, not broken. Of course, I’m not installing and re-installing Moblin myself to find out. =)

    • It worked fine for me. I just followed the instructions on Glen’s blog and voila…wi-fi.

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