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Free Kindle cookbook

February 13, 2009

Ok, this one’s a little weird. Amazon has made some good books available free for the Kindle (in partnership with publishers), but a cookbook?  Don’t get me wrong; I’m a big fan of Cook’s Illustrated (we subscribe to the print magazine and these days most of the things we cook draw on their recipes). But do they really think people will plop their Kindle in the kitchen and cook near it?  It’s a rather expensive device to be splashing sauce on.

Of course, I will confess that I ordered a free copy for my Kindle just to see how well a cookbook would work on the device.  But I won’t actually be using mine in our kitchen.

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One Comment
  1. Kate Degelau-Pierce permalink

    I probably shouldn’t tell you that I’ve used my iPhone that way then, huh?

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