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The Reincarnationist: free was a good price

November 24, 2008

Having finished Ubuntu Kung Fu, I’m returning to working my way through my collection of free Kindle books. The first one I tackled was actually my most recent free acquisition, M.J. Rose’s The Reincarnationist. Basic plot: protagonist gets in an accident, starts having flashes from previous lives, tries to find out whether they’re real, starts getting caught up in events that mirror those from previous lives.

While not aggresively bad, free was a good price for it.  There were a number of holes and less than compelling parts of the story that make me glad I didn’t pay money for it.  And one pet peeve; this is the second of the free books I’ve gotten for the Kindle where the author seemed to think that telling us the character felt a particular way was an effective way of communicating how the character felt. That just doesn’t work, particularly when the rest of the time the character doesn’t act that way at all. Please, show us the character feels that way, don’t just tell us they do and expect it to be compelling.

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