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Intrepid running on home PC

November 3, 2008

So I caved over the weekend and upgraded my home PC to Intrepid (Ibex), the new version of Ubuntu. I’d intended to hold off, since when I upgraded from Gutsy to Hardy I accidentally disabled the IBM software I’d installed, making it impossible to connect to the VPN or run Notes until the folks running the IBM Ubuntu repository had a chance to update their library dependences.  But I was curious about the new version and so figured I’d make the desktop (which I only occasionally use) a potential sacrifice to the Gods of Version Incompatabilities.

On the whole, things actually went pretty smoothly, and it looks like the IBM software stack still works smoothly. Of course, it turns out that the latest version of xserver included with Intrepid breaks older nvidia drivers, so I lost my Compiz support on that machine (apparently until nvidia fixes the driver).  But that’s pretty much par for the course; I never expect upgrades to work perfectly smoothly.  And I must confess that I like the new Dark Room theme (and the cave drawing Ibex background).

In a way, things went too smoothly; now I’m tempted to upgrade my work laptop as well.  And by tempted, I mean I’m about to push the button to start the upgrade… now.

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