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Adding a Mac mini to the collection

October 5, 2008

Kate and I added a Mac mini to our collection of computers last weekend. Our DVD player was always a little flaky (it just didn’t like to play some discs), so we’d been thinking about replacing it for awhile.  We finally settled on a Mac mini as a relatively inexpensive solution that would let us simultaneously get a better DVD / digital movie player and put together a digital library of all our CDs.  This weekend we finished ripping the last of our CDs.  Aside from leaving a few out to play in our cars (until we get cars with iPod integration), our physical CD collection is now tucked away in a closet.  So far it’s been both smooth and convenient. And I must say, once you have your music collection on a Mac connected to your stereo, Apple’s Remote app for the iPhone is extremely handy.  Remote control in your pocket for your entire music collection anyone?

Now I just have to resist the temptation to add a Dell Inspiron Mini (running Ubuntu, naturally) to the collection.  Small, light, and I totally don’t need one.  I’m trying to hold out until my Macbook Pro finally fails, at which point I’ll get myself one of the later generations of Airs (Apple makes great computers, but the first generations always seem to have quirks).

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