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Camping at the beach

September 8, 2008

For the seond year in a row we’ve finished off our summer camping season with a weekend camping trip to Half Moon Bay State Beach. The camping spots themselves are nothing fantastic (they’re all out in the open, so you get zero privacy), but the location is great: just a hundred or so yards from the ocean). And it was particularly nice this year; while San Jose was baking with weather in the 90s, Half Moon Bay was in the low 80s.

The trip got off to a somewhat slow start; we got stuck for 30 minutes at a dead stop for an accident that closed 92. Strangely enough the exact same thing happened last year on our camping trip. Either 92 gets cut often by accidents on Friday afternoon / evening, or we have weird luck.

Aside from that small bump, the trip was lots of fun. Good weather, lots of time playing at the beach, and some tasty food. To cap it off there was a whale (at least one) and some dolphins or porpoises that came as close as a few hundred feet off the beach Saturday evening (like following a school of fish). It was great watching them as the sun set.

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