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Cows at work

September 2, 2008

When I was faculty at Georgia Tech, I had an office that overlooked the interstate. And Midtown Atlanta, where my building was located, is not particularly scenic.

So one of the things I enjoy about IBM’s Almaden Research Center is the setting. The lab is up in the hills between Santa Teresa and the Almaden Valley at the Southern tip of Silicon Valley. It’s surrounded by a mix of park land (which IBM donated) and land that IBM owns. Not only is it pretty, but I see wildlife all the time: deer, turkeys, coyote, feral pigs, and rattlesnakes. And then there are occasionally the cows: IBM leases the grazing rights around the lab, and I find it highly amusing to pass by cows while entering a high tech facility. There are even, I kid you not, signs on the walking trails around the lab that say “Beware of rattlesnakes and cattle”.

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  1. Thom permalink

    Hey….play nice with Midtown! It’s got a great view (maybe your building just did not look the right way) But, it IS hard to compare seeing wildlife running versus cars, cars and cars on the street. But Midtown’s not that bad a place!

  2. Jeff permalink

    I was in one of the Technology Square Research Buildings with a view to the west. Pretty much the two sole redeeming features of the view were:
    1) You got a great view of thunderstorms when they rolled in.
    2) I could easily check traffic before heading home.

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