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Airlines vs. Music industry

August 8, 2008

More and more the airline industry reminds me of the music industry. Both seem cultivate an attitude of hostility: the music industry treats all if it’s customers as pirates, while the airline industry vaciltates between treating all of its passengers as potential terrorists and acting as if we should all be grateful that they’re willing to fly us at all. Both project the aura that we should really just be willing to hand over our money without expecting any service at all. I can’t help but wonder how successful an airline would be that gave people the impression that it was actually happy to be of service. I’m certainly not surprised that most of the airlines are hemorraging cash; the greater miracle is that they’re still in business at all.

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  1. Susan permalink

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m surprised they don’t just punch us all in the mouth when we board. Have you ever found yourself wondering if they simulate turbulence during the flight, just to have an excuse to tell everyone to stay seated? Air travel brings out my paranoia, i guess.

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